Ron French, OT, CHT

Occupational Therapist

Certified Hand Therapist

While I make no guarantee these products will help your specific issue, be assured that they are the same products I use in my clinic and recommend for my patients.  I have affiliated with my professional supplier to offer the same quality products used in my clinic and thousands of clinics across the nation. I may earn a small commission on purchases.  

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Therapist Approved Products

5-in1 Opener

I recommend this to all my patients with hand issues - even without! Using tools, like this bottle, jar, and more opener, protects the joints of your hands.

Arthritis Gloves

These gloves provide moderate support for arthritic hands, gentle compression, and are durable. I recommend these for use while performing chores or working in the garden or yard. Sold by the pair.

Compression Gloves

These gloves provide gentle compression and warmth to reduce swelling and soothe aching joints.  Sold individually.  

Hand Exerciser

This is the same hand strengthener I issue to my patients to build up grasp strength and endurance.  It comes with extra bands to add resistance.  I recommend the deluxe as it has a padded grip.  

Tips on slowing the progression of arthritis and managing your pain so you can stay active.  Buy on Amazon

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Restore hand strength after an injury or surgery.

Restore your hand grasp following injury or surgery.