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4 – Tips to Know

It can be easy to overwork a muscle group while working out, doing yard work, or just playing with the kids or grandkids. 

But when should you be concerned that it more than sore overworked muscles? 

Here are four informational tips* to help…

1. PAIN: Pain usually last about 24 – 48 hours with overuse and should slowly improve. Pain relieving creams or a moist heating pad can soothe aching muscles.

2. INTENSITY: Pain should slowly go away in a few days. If pain remains high after a few days or increases it might be an injury, seek medical attention.

3. MOTION: An overworked muscle may feel tight and sore for a day or two. A moist heating pad can help relieve stiffness by increasing blood flow and nutrients to the muscle, aiding in recovery. If motion is greatly limited and shows little improvement seek medical attention.

4. SWELLING: A little swelling may occur with an overworked muscle. Applying ice can help reduce swelling.  If swelling is severe seek medical attention.  Watch video Ice vs. Heat: When to Apply

*Disclaimer: This is for general informational purposes only and should not be thought of as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a doctor or medical professional for your specific condition(s).    

Overworked Muscles: Muscle pain or something else

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