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Shop hundreds of therapist approved health and fitness products in our online mall.  Here we highlight products we think might be useful to our clients and others to manage pain, get fit, and stay active. 


The #1 clinically used and recommended topical pain relievers among chiropractors, physical therapist, massage therapist, and podiatrist.  I use it regularly in my clinic and recommend it to my patients. 

$9.95 everyday.   



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BIOFREEZE for long lasting pain relief.  Penetrates deep to provide relief from arthritis, sore muscles, joint and back pain.  Time tested, paraben-free formula uses soothing menthol and other herbal ingredients.
Deluxe Hand Exerciser builds hand strength. Has padded base for added comfort. Add or remove rubber bands to adjust resistance.

Deluxe Hand Exerciser

It is easy to build your hand grasp strength with this hand exerciser.  The Deluxe model has a padded base that protects the palm for added comfort.  Adjustable to fit most hands.  $8.95       BUY NOW

Medi-Beads Moist Heat Packs 

Microwavable moist heat packs & wraps for home and clinic.
  • MediBeads® are filled with non-toxic beads made from natural materials. They are soft and conform easily to body contours.  
  • Microwave for about one to three minutes, depending on model.  
  • Moisture-creating beads provide deep, penetrating moist heat without water, that lasts for up to 30 minutes depending on model.
  • After treatment, the beads rejuvenate themselves naturally by recovering moisture from the air.  
  • Permanent, anti-microbial agent inhibits odors, mildew and bacteria buildup.
Heat pack provides penetrating moist heat to soothe aching muscles and joints.

Gel Packs

2-in-1 hot and cold compression treatment for pain and swelling.

Cylindrically shaped to target entire joint area when treating swelling, bruising, injuries, strains and sprains.

Reusable compress that is easy to apply to the treatment area allows hands free therapy.

Sleeves include a re-sealable bag for product storage in refrigerator or freezer, a size appropriate cotton/elastic sleeve to wear under the cold pack, and detailed use and storage instructions.

For heat therapy, sleeves can be heated in hot water or microwave oven.

Sizing is based on limb circumference.  Learn More 

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Ron gave me back the use of my left thumb and hand.  The atmosphere is pleasant and my care was professional and friendly. --Sheila